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Tunnel Form Structure (TFS)

TFF is a system of casting concrete walls, ceilings and floors simultaneously using steel forms that join together. The resulting walls, etc. have high quality finishing for insulation work and painting. The form work is moved using cranes so that another tunnel can be framed.

Insulating Concrete Form (ICF)

Insulating concrete form or insulated concrete form (ICF) is a system of formwork for reinforced concrete usually made with a rigidthermal insulation that stays in place as a permanent interior and exterior substrate for walls, floors, and roofs. The forms are interlocking modular units that are dry-stacked (without mortar) and filled with concrete. The units […]

Light Steel Framing ( LSF )

LSF structures are mainly constructed using screws or nuts & bolts connections. These structures comprise three main components i.e. cold rolled sheets for structure, gypsum boards for the interior walls, and cement boards for the exterior. Sound proof and heat insulation layers are placed inside the walls. These buildings are built with C or U […]

Double Wall (D2)

In this type of construction, a part of reinforced concrete walls are prefabricated. The said walls are set at appropriate distance to each other and fixed with metal trusses made of rebars. Usually the ceiling in this system is designed with semi-fabricated slabs, and the thermal insulation ls usually applied on the outside walls.

Composite Steel Concrete Structure (S...

In this system, the structure consists of specially designed and manufactured pipes that are filled with concrete. In order to increase the shear resistance of the structure a number of shear connectors are welded inside the pipes. Additionally, if required shear walls could be constructed inside the building and the ceiling concrete could be the poured on corrugated plates placed or […]

Bolt and Nut Structures (B&N)

B&N system is a reliable system for the construction of steel structures and it has been used for many decades. in this system beams and columns are prefabricated at a factory from steel sheets or normal profiles and transported to the site. On the site these elements are assembled using bolts and nuts. To reduce the weight […]

Wood Frame Construction System (W.S)

This system is very similar to the LSF system. The difference, however,is that beams and columns are made of suitable fire resistant wood products. The load bearing walls and ceilings are prefabricated. The components are attached to each other by nuts & bolts or special nails, while gypsum boards are used on interior walls and cement boards on the […]

JK System (JK)

In this system three dimensional punched panels made of galvanized steel plates are used to form the inner and outer walls. The walls are connected with sufficient number of trusses. shotcrete is used on the surfaces and concrete is poured inside the galvanized steel panels walls and ceiling is connected with rebars.

Prestressed Concrete Ceilings (PSC)

In this system the prestressed concrete ceiling and beams provide maximum compressive strengths. As such this system can be used for larger spans with fewer columns and thinner slabs and beams.

Tilt Up System (TUS)

In this system the building structure consists of concrete load bearing walls. The walls are made by pouring the required concrete horizontally followed by curing. When the walls are ready they are installed using appropriate cranes. The ceiling slabs are also made using similar method. The system uses welded joints for connecting walls and ceiling slabs.