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Mr. Fehri , New CEO of MAPSA

On Tuesday, December 20, 2016, Seyyed Taha Fehri , new CEO of MAPSA company was introduced. In a meeting where held in MAPSA’s HQ, Mr. Mehdi Raei (Refah Bank VP for Human Resources and Finance) introduced Mr. Fehri to Mr.Almasi ( former CEO of MAPSA Co. ) and board of directors and audience thanked Mr. […]

MAPSA Co. acquired 155 billion rials ...

After privatization of three  branches of Ministry of Energy, (Water and Sanitation , Power Distribution , Gas ) price of subscription of these three parts have been increased by the private sector . this process had an impact on final price in housing too. this increase  imposed millions of dollars more cost to the subscriptions […]

MAPSA CEO Reveals New Year’s Resoluti...

On April 3rd of 2016, Persian New Year meeting have been held in conference room of MAPSA Co. by presence of MAPSA CEO , Mr. Reza Almasi,  and Member of Board of directors , Mr. Reza Sahmdini . Mr. Reza Almasi  unveiled his Persian New Year’s resolution , saying MAPSA plans to move forward new projects […]

Italian financial team visits MAPSA

Chinese financial team visits MAPSA

Meeting with German financial team

Mongolian ambassador visits MAPSA cen...

On June 22nd of 2015, Mongolian ambassador in Tehran , Mr . Dambin Yam, visited MAPSA central office in Tehran and had a meeting with MAPSA CEO. Both sides discussed about possible cooperation opportunities  in Mongolia and Mongolian ambassador requested construction of 5000 units residential complex and also a hotel by MAPSA Company. CEO of […]

MAPSA’s Parand projects’s...

In a meeting where CEO of MAPSA, Mr. Reza Almasi,Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company CEO, Mr. Parvaresh , Energy Minister Plenipotentiary Representative in the Mehr housing project, Mr. Amir Kamali, New Towns Development Company Board Member, Mr. Gharavy and  CEO of New Town Development Company, Mr. Hashimzehi were present, problems related to water and wastewster of phases 3 and […]

MAPSA CEO and Board of directors̵...

  On April 19th of 2015, CEO of MAPSA , Mr . Reza Almasy, with a committee consisting of board of directors visited MAPSA projects ( 5400 units and 1100 units ) in the Parand New Town and found out about current progress of projects . Mr. Reza Almasy had a talk with project directors and other tehnical […]

Mr. Reza Almasi , New CEO of MAPSA

On Feb 2015 , Reza Almasi , new CEO of MAPSA company was introduced, According to MAPSA. Almasi has more than 20 years of management experience in a variety of well-managed banks. he is a well known entrepreneur and CEO of a soccer team in Iran supreme league of Persian gulf  and also a university.