General Contractor of Housing Industrialization in Iran

MAPSA’s Parand projects’s water problem will be solved by Tehran Water and Wastewater Company assistance


In a meeting where CEO of MAPSA, Mr. Reza Almasi,Tehran Province Water and Wastewater Company CEO, Mr. Parvaresh , Energy Minister Plenipotentiary Representative in the Mehr housing project, Mr. Amir Kamali, New Towns Development Company Board Member, Mr. Gharavy and  CEO of New Town Development Company, Mr. Hashimzehi were present, problems related to water and wastewster of phases 3 and 5 of Parand  (MAPSA projects) were discussed and solved . these problems were undecided for more than three years.

During the meeting it was decided  that all the problems of water and sewage in MAPSA projects will be surmounted within 3 months.

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