General Contractor of Housing Industrialization in Iran

Mr. Reza Sahmdini , Member of Board of Directors


Reza Sahmdini

Master’s degree of  private law

Professional Experience : 

  1. Consultant of CEO Of Iran’s Refah Bank
  2. Consultant of CEO of Iran’s Karafarin Insurance in province of Azarbaijane-Sharghi
  3. Universal agent of executive director in zibachoob factory’s product line ( 6th in world and 3rd in Asia )
  4. Deputy and Inspector of Tehran province in banking and economical system
  5. Secretary General of cultural assembly of Iran’s Refah bank
  6. Jural expert of  of  Refah Bank’s branches management office  in southern Tehran
  7. Assessor of production and industrial projects in Refah Bank’s branches management office in southern Tehran
  8. Vice-chairman and chairman of Vahdat-e-Eslami Branch of Refah bank in Tehran
  9. Consultant of CEO of Shamimsazan Persian Company


Courses which he passed :

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Risk Management
  3. International Banking Management and Basics
  4. Dealing Successfully with Customers Skills
  5. Basics of getting Bank’s customers financial information
  6. law of banking basics
  7. currency and accounting
  8. local banking
  9. Profitability by Privatization
  10. Money laundering and prevention
  11. Eloquence course by Eloquence academy


Sport Related :

  1. Member of board of directors of  International Taekwon-Do Federation ( ITF ) in Iran and President of Economical Committee of Iran ITF
  2. Active in wrestling field in Iran’s Varamin city