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By  procurement  we  mean the integrated technical and commercial process of providing acquisition, transportation,  control  and disposition of goods and services.  to  strengthen our competitive ability, it is essential that we select the  best suppliers and find an optimal way of utilizing their  know-how  and experience to create technical  solutions  and working  processes  that  give MAPSA both  commercial and technical advantages.

MAPSA will  therefore coordinate  its  Procurement  activities  on all levels through both horizontal and vertical networking  to  ensure maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. MAPSA’s  selection of  and relation  to  suppliers  are  crucial  in reaching our  goals  and targets.  An  overall guiding  principle  for MAPSA’s relation development is to make sure that all are confident that we handle all our suppliers fairly and based on mutual  respect and win-win relationship.

New Suppliers 

Thank you for your interest in MAPSA’s procurement program. This online supplier profile form is intended to help you to demonstrate the quality and the range of products/services that your company provides. Provision of this information enables our procurement department to evaluate your qualifications when assessing company procurement requirements. It is to be noted, however, that acceptance of your profile neither guarantees that you will be given an opportunity to bid nor selected as an approved supplier.

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