General Contractor of Housing Industrialization in Iran

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Iran’s housing demand for the next 15 years ( starting from 2010 ) is estimated  to be 14 million  units and the goal is to construct about one million housing unit per year . in order to supply the market with the anticipated demand , it was recognized early on , that the traditional method of construction is no longer capable of meeting the goal and therefore parallel with the traditional method , the employment of industrialized approach in housing construction is inevitable .

To this end, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked upon a program of housing industrialization that would provide various policy means and incentives to the private sector for partially switching to industrialized housing production. We now believe that about 30 percent of new housing units can be industrially built and about 30 percent of the remaining units will utilize new construction materials to reduce building weight and construction time significantly as well as increase earthquake resistance and save costs.

However, it should be emphasized that any measurable success in this area is only achievable when other main factors are also present,supported and implemented on a timely manner . thus, a housing industrialization program should not be solely reduced to matters of construction . it ought to be based on a multi-faceted approach that calls for enactment of systematic and multi-layered policies and actions such as :

  • Preparation of road map delineating different options and actions,
  • Encouraging public participation and strengthening the demand for industrialized housing units through increased housing construction loans,
  • Popularization and awareness campaigns for cultural acceptance of industrialized housing units ,
  • Training of the required manpower and capacity building among consultants,contractors and producers of new materials ,
  • Setting up factories for production of new systems and materials,
  • Enactment of new laws and regulations,
  • Revising codes, standards and enforcement procedures,
  • Drawing up new rules for financing  of industrialized housing activities,
  • Execution of a number of pilot projects for introduction of new technologies and materials.

Iran’s housing industrializing program follows all aspects of the items mentioned above and MAPSA Co. is the General Contractor of building industrialization in Iran.

Based on the administrative decree of the presidential representatives in March 2008,MAPSA has been selected to undertake following missions :

  • Inviting and supporting private sector investors to invest in setting up plants for production of advanced construction materials and systems. the support would include , enabling and cooperation , assisting .

MAPSA belongs to Iran’s Refah Bank, you can read more about Refah Bank here . you can also read about MAPSA’s residential units projects in Prand New Town here .

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